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Thread: Stability problem with IC7-G 2.8C

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    Having a stability problem with a very stock IC7-G 2.8C 1G DDR system. No overclocking at this particular time, although the my testing has been limited by the memory as far as I can tell.

    Memory is Geil PC3500 Golden Dragon. Haven't been very impressed with this memory. Overclocking has been very limited.

    So, running at stock speed on a 2.8, with a brand new ATI 9600XT card, I get lockups playing games.

    We are playing the new URU, and after 15-20 mins, or sometimes after an hour, a quick, sudden lockup. Have to hit reset to reboot.

    Bios is a stock speed for memory, pretty much SPD. Haven't fooled with the game accel settins in the BIOS much.

    I thought it was the video card or drivers, so I changed to another 9600SE with new drivers, same problem, lockup.

    One problem I see is the MBM voltage readings. +12v = 11.73 +3.3 = 3.23 and +5 = 4.89

    Also, using the stock Intel cooler, and temps get up to 148F playing games.

    I also get a lockup under normal desktop activiity, but very rarely.

    So, do I need more voltage, better memory, more cooling ??

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    Abit motherboards always read temps high so dont worry to much about that
    A new bios flash for you exists read :

    The temp issue is covered at :

    Did you remove all the drivers for your old video card? this might cause you problems

    the ABIT forum is full of info on your board!

    Have you ran CPU-Z this will give you info on your components?

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