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Thread: Thinking about buying a new Mobo.

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    Hi all, just a quick Q. about Fsb speeds. If my proc is rated at 266Mhz, and my mobo can support up to 400Mhz ram, would i benifit from using pc-3200?
    Main RiG:
    CPU: Athlon 64 [email protected]
    Mobo:Asus KT8V deluxe
    Ram:1Gig Corasair XMS PC-3200
    AGP: eVga GeForce 6800
    Case:Antec SLB
    HDD:Maxtor 80Gig 8mb
    PSU:Antec TRUE380

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    With that KT333 based mobo of your's it wouldn't really pay ya to go past PC2700 but if ya went and got an nForce2 based one then it would pay to get the PC3200.

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    check out my specs! :thumb: (my cpu is rated 266)
    XP2100+ "B" @ 2.2GHz (11.0 x 200, 1.7v) & Coolmaster Aero 7+
    ASUS A7N8X dlx with AMD h/s + fan mounted on n/b and passive on s/b
    X-Micro Ti4200 218mb
    512mb Geil PC3200 (400 MHz) single channel
    Dell 21"
    Enermex 710b case with 4 TMD case fans
    and the usual running gear......

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