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Thread: Tweaking My Cpu, Help!!!

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    :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: Ok, I was talking with my homies brother and he mentioned something about doing something with the CPU. My guess is he probably done something to the registry data values or something. I'm no Bill Gates but I know how to......lets just say I can kepp it running smoothly. If some one can give me some fool proof instructions in doing this. I would give you a high five if I was standing next to you. Oh, if you happen to have any other info on tweaking your system, WITHOUT something stoopid like tweak xp. Here's some info I think you might find helpful...OS-Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition; Version-5.1.2600 SP 1 Build 2600; System Type-X86 based PC; Processor-x86 family model 6 stepping 1 Authentic AMD 1788 Mhz; BIOS version- Phoenix Tech Ltd. KAM1.52 11/6/03.

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    Considering you put this in the Overclocking section of the forums, I'm a little confused as to whether you're looking for Windows tweaks or help in overclocking the machine.

    Windows tweaks will make things run more smoothly and allow you to discard those worthless background programs that help to suck the life out of the system when it is running. You can find a good starters guide HERE and HERE. Use them in the order I posted them.

    Overclocking allows you to basically get free horsepower from your system. It forces the system to run at a faster clock speed than is set as factory default. There is no guarantee how fast you'll get, but you can usually get at least some power over what the system is rated for. If this is what you're looking for then check out the guide HERE. It was written for older model AMD processors, but the basic concept is still applicable for your setup.

    Good luck. :D
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