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Thread: woo hoo! i'm a noooooooooooob!!!!

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    ok, so after spending awhile reading thread after thread here and there, i finally get into the computer and do some tweaking. now because i'm too cheap to go buy a faster setup for no real good reason, i figure if i blow the processor, then i anyways, i have an athlon 1200 and pulled it, found out the L1 bridges were intact. i did not expect this. anyway, so i throw it back in and start with a benchmark on my system before i change anything, especially the cpu temp. after a few adjustments in the bios, my system runs as follows:

    cpu: 1200>>>>1423
    fsb: 133>>>>150
    mult. 9.0>>>>9.5
    temp: 38c>>>>41c
    vcore: 1.75>>>1.85
    vdimm: 2.60>>>2.80

    now i have read where you could get up to 1550 on the processor, but it wouldn't boot on my system at that speed.

    so, to see how this thing would run, i played bf1942 for 2 hours.......WOW......what a difference. oh, cpu temp stayed about 41.5 degrees during gameplay.

    now to go get an athlon xp 2400!

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    well, you overclocked that cpu greatly, even if it fried, it would'nt be a big lose anyways:rolleyes: .

    you should go for that 2400+, but if it could be a barton that would help a lot more

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    I'd look into getting a 2500+ Barton. It's only $8usd more, but it'll o/c a heck of a lot better IMHO. Anyways, thats some nice tweaking you've done. : peace2: Mista K6
    Modified Dell 8200 Case:
    -400MHz FSB i850 Intel mobo
    -P4 Williamette Socket 478, 1.9GHz
    -768MB 16-bit PC800 RDRAM
    -MSI GF4 Ti4200 128MB @ 284/581
    -7200 RPM Maxtors: 60GB (2MB) on mobo and 160GB (8MB) on ATA/133 PCI Card
    -Creative Inspire T7700 7.1 Speaker System on an Audigy 2
    -Windows XP Home Edition SP2

    Rock on : peace2: , MiStA K6

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    thanks for the props guys. just got another stick of 512 and the clock is still at 300. seems pretty stable where it at. think i might drop the fsb by 5 and call it a day on that board.

    think i'll go the athlon xp route and a agp8x board.

    got an 8x card running at 4x, maybe that will be the next bios fix, though i don't know if bios updates include agp fixes.

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    BIOS updates can't alter what is designed into hardware.

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