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Thread: Help on overclocking on an Intel MBoard

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    I have an Intel D865GBF MBoard with a 2.8c P4. (800FSB)

    What do I have to do to overclock it? In the BIOS of the Mboard there is no section that directly let me overclock.

    Can someone tell me how to do it in simple words?

    Or a least direct me to some good beginners guide.

    My goal is to work well with Kingston's PC4300 hyperX memory (DDR533).


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    Sorry but Intel don't make their motherboards for overclockers but ya could try software such as SoftFSB, CPUFSB or similar that will give you the ability to raise the FSB to a limited extent as they can't do anything about the voltages. If ya really want to overclock though then ya goin' to need a better motherboard that has the required options.

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    Intel doesn't make their boards for oc's because obviously they'd be losing money on their own product. If you want to overclock with RAM espcially PC 4300, get an ABIT IC7 MAX3 or DFI LanParty.

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