I needed a new computer SO bad but did not have alot of money so I got the following gear:

Asrock K7S8X v.3.01 (SiS 746FX chipset)
Barton 2500+
Dane-Elec DDR3200, 512 MB cas2.5
Spire WhisperRock IV (good for about 3000+)

This package cost about 200 eurodollars. My hopes are that i will be able to get the Barton to 400 mhz FSB without voltmod, but I kind of got the impession that its alot about luck if you get there or not. The volt mod would be an alternative, but then Id have to get a nev solderiron. Is there anyone that got 400 FSB on K7S8X without voltmod? The stuff is on the way to me right now and I will post my experiences here. Couse if I make it, its alot of bang per buck! And if I dont Ill just wait a month and get the board that I really wanted, Lanparty B, +one more stick of 512mb ram (for dual mode)