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Thread: Processor problems

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    I dont know if this is the right palce to put it but hey

    My processor is Athlon 2400 xp CPU.

    Ok what happened is, i seld my CPU from 100hmz to 133hmz, and turned on my computer. Whenever it got into windows the speed was 2.0ghz. My computer froze about 5 hours later because i was loading into Hlaf life. and i had to turn off my computer. Whenever i turned it back on the processor driver was athlon 1600 xp instead of the athlon 2400 xp. and was running at 1.4ghz. can anyone tell me Why that is happening?
    Problem seems to be with windows but if it is my motherboard, my motherboard is GA-7ZXE

    Thanks :)

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    Well, first check if you have a revision 2.1+ board. Revision 2.0> doesn't support 2400XP cpu:s. Also check for newer bios if haven'y already.
    Second, your mobo and mem are a huge bottleneck and will hold your cpu back big time. Better to upgrade them then spend your time on getting a cpu to work when you won't be able to notice much difference in speed anyway.
    Oooh, by the way. What PSU are u using. Your xp will need a little more juice to run :)

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