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Thread: UNDERclocking P2.6Mhz...

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    My system is :
    P4 2.6Mhz, 200FSB, ASUS P4P800, 2x256DDR400 Elixir.

    After having instable system(freezes a lot), i tried to make it stable, and i found something strange.

    the unstable configuration:
    Standard settings. all settings determined by mobo.
    MAM was disabled, Performance mode disabled.

    When i overclocked the FSB to higher then 200 like 205,210 it became stable.

    I tried somthing alse, i UNDERclocked the FSB to 199 and the computer didn't boot up at all.(lower FSBs didn't boot either)

    Is it normal???
    Did any of you tried to UNDERclock their 200FSB CPUs on P4P800???

    What's wrong with my computer???

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    My 2.4C wont boot underclocked either. As for unstable at stock, but stable at OC, thats beyond me, unless possibly its dropping your RAM ratio to 5:4, what timings are you running your RAM at and what voltage?

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    My RAM ratio is 1:1.
    ram voltage is 2.65V.
    and the timing is 3,3,3,8.

    the only change with the unstable and stable machine is the higher FSB.

    I made no changes in voltage, timings and ratios.

    why does the CPU wont boot underclocked?
    I read in intel web site that :

    "Although not supported, it is possible to operate a processor below its rated speed. Microprocessor operation is specified down to 1/2 the maximum rated frequency. This may be necessary for troubleshooting, or because of a motherboard limitations."

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    Just for laughs, I tested how far I could underclock with my old P4 2.66b. I got to about 1.9Ghz before I crashed. I think this jsut has something to do with the motherboard/chipset.
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    Could be somthing simple like updating you motherboards' chipset drivers or biosYour update and support page

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