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Thread: overclocking 2.66ghz Pentium 4

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    I have just recently bought a Pentium 4 2.66ghz 533mhz FSB and was wondering if anybode had any experience with overclocking this chip, or could give me some tips to squeeze a bit more performance out of her.

    My rig is:

    Pentium 4 2.66ghz 533 FSB
    MSI 865PE Neo 2 Mainboard
    Apacer Technology DDR 333 256MB
    ATI 9600XT
    Windows XP Pro
    350Watt Power Supply

    Some more detailed information:

    CPU Voltage: 1.5250v
    DDR Voltage: 2.65v
    AGP Power Voltage: 1.60
    DDR Ram Frequency: 333mhz

    Ram timings:
    Cas Latency: 2.5
    Ras Precharge: 2
    Ras to Cas Delay: 3
    Precharge Delay: 5
    Burst Length: 8

    I would like to know how far i could overclock this chip with stock cooling.



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    Hi Adrian

    You sold me a Ti4200 more than a month ago on the PcPowerPlay forums, and after you confirmed my payment, I never received the card and your email address was 'suddenly' deactivated with optusnet. My email address is [email protected], get in contact with me ASAP, or I will get the authorities to deal with you.

    And for your infomation, I have Private Messaged you in these forum boards and never got a response:


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    What the hell are you talking about? I wrote in these forums stating that i wanted to overclock a 2.66ghz, nothing about any Nvidia card or whatever. Sold you a TI 4200? I've never OWNED a Nvidia card, well, apart from a Diamond Viper 550 which had a TNT1 Core but im pretty sure that doesnt count, and in my machine at the moment is a Gexcube Radeon 9600XT.

    Maybe you're mistaken about who i am, but i think the proper thing would have been to message me before shooting your mouth off in the forums and almost garunteeing that i wont get any help on this subject, and making me look like a theif while your there. Maybe i should post a reply in one of your forums about you being a homosexual donkey rapist and how you bragged to your friends about getting your dick stuck in a coke bottle? but i wouldnt and you want to know why? Because if i was going to accuse you of something, id make sure i had the right person first - and even then, im not a jerk like obviously you are.

    Anyway, your private message states your name is "Degan" , so Degan, i'll be expecting that apology pretty soon, but not after ive reported you to the moderators of this forum.


    P.S: In the future if you wish to accuse me of something like say, the kennedy assasination, could you please message me in private first - thanks.

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    I have a Pentium 4 2.5 GHz with 533 FSB right now, and I mangaged to overclock it to 3.0 GHz using the normal cooling and case...barely any heat increase. I'd say with yours that 3.0 is a safe overclock, although depending on how roomy your case is and how much airflow you've got, you may want to raise or lower that a little bit. You could try putting it up to 3.1, although then you might start seeing problems.

    Of course, if you're purely increasing the FSB rather than the multiplier, then you'll need to factor in RAM speed as well. Right now, it's kind of holding back your system. I'd pick up another stick of 256 DDR333 and you should be fine...although I'm not exactly the master of overclocking, so you'll probably want a second opinion on this. After all, I'm only really basing this on my own overclock. :?
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    Heat should not be an issue unless you raise the voltage.

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