Hey all.

I'm having an issue here with my barton 2500+ @ 3200+ speeds.

I Think its to do with my power supply but I cannot be sure.

About a month ago I bought a 2500+ from ebay off a shop who had a lot of the early week ones in stock. My housemate bought one and it ran like a dream at 200fsb so obviously I wanted to benefit from the same thing.

I bought one but because I only had 2700 ram at the time I left it til now to set it up. But I did test run it with his twinmos 256 3200 stick and it ran fine on prime95 at that time.

Since then though I have purchased a 9800SE and softmodded it to a pro. Before I was running a geforce 3.

So now after buying a brand spanking new 512 samsung ddr 3200 ram I wanted to get to this o/c.

I ran it at timings 11 3 3 2.5 at first cos it seemed reasonable, and put the fsb to 200 and ram ratio to 1:1 (100%). It seemed fine, ran stable ..I tested it with far cry and 3dmark and it was good for ages. I then uninstalled my drivers so i could put on new ones....only when detecting the video card on startup to windows my pc rebooted. It did the same thing getting a little bit further each time. When it finally was all set up I went to test it on unreal 2004 and it got about 5 seconds into the menu and restarted again. I then went into the bios and upped my cpu core voltage which was on 1.675 to 1.725 and It lasted abit longer but eventually crashed. SO i upped the ddr voltage to 2.7 and all seemed great and dandy. for a good couple of days. Then (because I was experimenting with different driver versions of my ati card) I reinstalled the gfx drivers again. Enter the crashing again. It seemed that every time I uninstalled my drivers my pc would suddenly find it too difficult to last in windows until my gfx card was set up properly.

Its now gotten to the point where im running at 195fsb (ram set to auto to match) timings the same. and my cpu voltage is 1.75 now and my ddr is at 2.9. When i came home today and changed the gfx drivers again...i noticed it restarted again. So I'm starting to think that my gfx card is sucking up a bit too much juice out of my psu when trying to boot as an svga card (an annoying requirement of ati driver installs)

Im using uber bios 1004
winXP sp 1
Hercules radeon 9800SE @ 9800PRO AIW @ 405/365 (goes higher clocks as an SE damnit)
512 samsung ram (11-3-3-2.5) v2.9
barton 2500+ v 1.75 (fsb 195)
Asus nforce 2 A7N8X deluxe rev 2.0

and the PSU is 360w chieftec (came with my scorpio case)

note that at 200fsb after a full load of a couple of hours my temp was 50 which is still well withing it going nutty parameters.

Are there any known bugs that I should be aware of? maybe ram compat probs or is my PSU probably the cause or what....I'd really appreciate any feedback that you guys can give me.

Cheers and thanks for your patience

p.s. sorry admin for multiple post I didn't see the o/c section