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Thread: Overclocking AMD Athlon XP 2800+

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    hi everyone, i am trying to find out exactly how to OC my machine. here are my specs:

    ASUS A7N8X Socket 462
    nVidia nForce2 Chipset
    AMD Athlon XP 2800+
    1.5 Gb DDR RAM
    Hercules ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
    Running a Thermaltake - Extreme Volcano 12 over my cpu
    and a Sunbeam - Overclockers toolkit
    And the Coolermaster Aerogate II

    My CPU is running at a steady 35' C
    My Case Temp is 22' - 24' C

    i took a look at the BIOS and i have a million settings:
    CPU Externam Frequency
    CPU Frequency Multiple
    CPU Interface (either optimal or aggressive)
    Memory frequency
    Memory timings
    SDRAM active precharge delay
    SDRAM to CAS delay
    SDRAM Precharge delay
    CAS latency
    FSB Spread Spectrum
    AGP Spread Spectrum
    CPU Vcore Setting
    Graphics Apperature size
    AGP Frequency
    System BIOS Cachable
    Vidio RAM Cachable

    AS you can tell i am new at OCing so any info you can give would be a help. i am just trying to get the most out of my machine.


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    Though this was written with the older Athlon XP processors in mind, the basic how-to is still the same. Hopefully it will give you some good information on the whats and whyfores regarding the principles of overclocking.
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    hey peeps, i have a barton 2800+ running at 2.27 at the mo, but since ive bought it ive realised the default clock of the cpu was 1667 (thats an amd 2000 aint it?) i have a jumper on the mobo and this hasnt made a diff,
    ive tried everythign and the default is allways 1667 which sux caus the defualt shud be 2.083. i know the cpu is a 2800 caus ive had it at that speed once when i removed the jumper but ive never seen that clock again....just once it did it to defualt like that. everyday now its 1667 wotever i do.

    the fsb in windows sais 133.6 but in bios its 166 or sumin.
    my system is.

    amd barton 2800
    DFI lanparty nf2 utlra b :D
    512 micron 2100
    ati 9800 pro

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