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Thread: Overclocking Need Help!!!

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    How high can i overclock my AMD 3000+barton with a jet 7 fan articsliver5, so far i got to 2.4ghz 12x200 under load temp is 55c. If that heat is ok, if so what is to hot? :wink:

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    At that temperature you're pushing it. At 60C you'll start to have problems, and at 75C your processor is pretty much toast. As a rule, you wanna keep your temps under 50C, preferably in the 40C-45C range.

    So in response to further overclocking, i'd say that you should actually back it down some. Unless you get better cooling to support that high an OCing, you should actually drop it down to the original speed and then increase by 3MHz at a time, doing a bit of monitoring for a couple of hours to see how much the temp increases. Keep doing that until you get to a speed where the temp is in around the high 30's lower 40's C at idle.

    So i'd say that 2.1 or 2.2 GHz is as far as you really wanna go.

    Hope that helps, no doubt someone will shoot me down here , but it's just my honest opinion on the matter.

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