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Thread: Overclocking A Sapphire 9600 Pro

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    I'm just wonderin' can someone give me step by step instructions on overclocking a Sapphire 9600 Pro? I read some other threads and they said something about getting new BIOS and another said that all you needed was a program. So I got confoozed. And I'm like a noob at compooters. All I know is that I like to play games on it. Heh... So... Uh... Yeah... Can someone help me? Thank yoo.

    My specs are:
    Windows Home SP1
    256MB RAM
    x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7 GenuineIntel ~1999 Mhz Processor (I think it's a Pentium 4)
    Sapphire 9600 Pro
    40 Gig HD

    If you need any other specs I'll try to find them. O_o

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    U need to get a program like rage3d,rivatuner or pwerstrip ones i use then slowly up the core tell it becomes unstable or u see artifacts u well know them there little white dots.Then slowly do same with mem do some benches along way every 10mhz u go up try a benchmakr like 3dmark2002se and 3dmark03.When u reahc unstable point back it off say by 8 to 10 mhz.

    I only got 455/342 with my sapphire 9600pro.

    Core got unstable at 465 and mem got unstable at 348.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have had very good luck with Rage3D for overclocking. It simply adds extra tabs under the advanced properties of your display settings. No special instructions necessary. You can find this utility at
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    Thanks for the info guys. Cookies for the both of you. :D

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