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Thread: Help me setup my new system (3200XP/a7n8xe/9800pro)

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    OK I just got a whole new system, Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe, Athlon 3200+ XP, ATI 9800 Pro.

    I got the 'speedstrip' on the cpu and right now im runnin 200x 1..5 @ 50C

    My question is, I know this chip can do better thank 2.3ghz, why does it restart when trying to boot @ 12x? It boots, gets to OS load and then restarts, on 50C at restart!!!

    Please help!

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    My AMD did that too...I never got it past that point.

    My only thought is to SLOWLY turn up the may not be getting enough juice to the chip (i tried it on mine, but it didn't work...I have sh#ty IWill KK266 board...could not hadle it :evil: ).

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