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Thread: Overclocking help needed please.

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    I've been looking into overclocking my AMD Athlon XP2100 and done searches etc to try and find out how to do it and i think i understand most of it. The problem is that i keep coming accross things like "Burning in". Is there a guide that explains all the different tweaks and overclocking so that i can get the best possible performance out of my computer?

    I mainly want to try and find out about the best applications for tweaking etc for things like telling me if my system is stable or not (if there is such software) so if anyone can help i would be very grateful.

    I know my FSB is 133 and Multiplier is 13 and am aware of how to change these in bios.

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    See the overclocking guide here: - Will give you the run down of OC'in.

    Also see the gamer's optimisation guide here:

    For windows optimisation, see: & - In that order preferably.

    To see the increase in performence, I use the futuremark benchmark program (2001se). You can score it from here:

    For stability, I think most people use prime95, try:

    For anything else, search the forum - MANY people have posted for info on AMD OC.
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    Many thanks for your reply, these links are very helpful. I am putting them to very good use.

    Also does anyone know what the maximum voltage for the AMD Athlon XP2100+ (Palomino core) is and also the maximum 'core temp'? I've searched all over for this but all i can find is the official recomended values for the voltage and temp on the amd website but it does not seem to say anything about the 'core temp'.

    My motherboard is Abit AT7-Max2 which shows system temps:
    CPU Surface temp: 40
    CPU Core Temp: 65 (is this temp to high?)
    System Temp: 40

    I have overclocked my cpu to 140fsb and the multiplier to 14. (it won't let me go below 13 , it just reboots itself after loading win xp) and CPU voltage is 1.75v. The other thing was changing my ratio. The only setting i can boot on is 4-2-1 otherwise the systems starts and runs but no screen, monitor stays in standby mode. I can change th voltage of my memory, should i do this or just leave it alone Any other advice on this would be very helpful.

    (memory: 2 x 128mb DDR 2700 (hp brand), grahics card: nvidia geforce 3 64mb ddr, hd: SAMSUNG SV4084H 40gb)

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