I want to 'upgrade' my pc and have about 900 euro to spend (bit more, bit less::).

Anyway was thinking about 1GB. pc 3200 mem (cl 2), 3,0 Ghz Intel HT Prescott 1MB, a ATI 9800 pro, and a new motherboard.

A few questions:

Well i was thinking to get 1Gb (2x512), PC 3200, CL 2, twins/matched pair memory. Just wondering when i buy 2 times a pc 3200 cl2 (kingston maybe) will it be slower then the twins/matches pair version ? And/or is the twins/matches pair version just better for oc. ?

Are all the brands with 'ATI 9800 PRO' at the same speed? Any brand to suggest or doesn't it matter?

Will be a 3Ghz HT Prescott 1MB cache, i quess that's ok ?

What brand/type to buy for the mainboard (maybe: asus P800c, with 875) ? Consider i will prob. do some 'low' oc stuff with it.

Hope a oc. 'expert' can give me some advise...

Allready thanks.