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Thread: Kt-600

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    Ok I have want to do a lil over clocking on my system.I know some basics but have a few quetstions.

    Mobo=Soyo Kt-600
    Cpu=AMD xp2700
    Ram=2 512mb sticks of Kingston pc3500 ddr 434mhz

    Ok first question is reguarding the cpu heat sink...I still have the stock one. (the one it came with in box) Do I or should I get an aftermarket heatsink? I have the system at the standard settings right now cause that seams to be the only stable way to run it.Ive tried OC the FSB a few times but to only have the system lock up during a game or heavy load....And the multiplier is locked on the kt-600,so is this a case where I would have to manually un-lock the cpu....If so how or where can I find out how to for mine.Second question there was a post about the CU and RAM FSB running the same,and the system will be CPU is at 333mhz and my ram is set to 400mhz.Should I under clock the ram? Or I was thinking about getting a 3200 anyway case prices have came way down.I think im regreting buying the kt-600 now seeing that via has a dual channel chipset out for xp's.But any help with the oc would be great.

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    Either bridge the last L3 bridge (the one furthest away from the L3 mark) or get a Speed Strip and you will need a better HSF as the retail one is just good enough at stock speeds.

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