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Thread: Radeon 9600 Over clock question

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    First off, I have as follows:
    Athlon XP 2000+ (Soon to be upgraded to 3200+)
    A7N8X-E Asus Deluxe MB
    1 GiG of DDR400
    ATI Radeon 9600

    I play Planetside and get decent frame rates. When I get into heavy battles with lots of players or roll up on a base that has a bunch on players there, my frames drop below 10 fps sometimes.

    Is the main reason my frame rates are dropping because of the CPU?

    If I overclock my 9600, will it help my frame rate out to a noticable amount?

    If it is my CPU, then I am about to solve the issue, but if my 9600 is a slacker too, then I will have to purchase a 9800 Pro. I am just wondering, in the mean time if overclocking will solve a little of the FPS problem.


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    chances are its the processor holding you back a bit.
    if you want to overclock the graphics card download an overclocking utility like powerstrip and then increase the core and memory clocks by about 3 to 5 mhz at a time until the card starts to display artifacts (textures which look wrong, youll know them if you see them) then slow the clocks down by 5 to 10 mhz.
    overclocking should give an improvement in frame rates in most games.
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    If that XP2000+ is a T'bred then overclock the sucker as I've one here that that runs at 2.2GHz. You might not get that far but they do overclock.

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