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Thread: MSI PT880 Help

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    You are trying to overclock arn't you?
    Well your memory is already running at its rated speed at stock speed (200MHz/400DDR) so once you start raising the FSB you will also be raising the speed at which your memory will run at. Setting 2.8v on your memory may help for a bit but eventually you may get the FSB high enough that you'll be forced to use the DDR333 setting.
    For example my 2.4C with PC3500/217MHz/433DDR memory runs at 3.36GHz, that's a 280MHz FSB which even with my memory having BH5 chips cannot run at so I use the 333DDR setting so that my memory runs at 224MHz. I hope that now you see why that setting is there and how it can help you overclock.

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    I have an MSI as well, I am not overclocking it at all, and I am having AGP issues. I have updated EVERYTHING, and either my 9800 Pro or 4200 lock up in OpenGL or 3D modes. Either work fine in 2d, but they crash in 3D use.

    I have a request for support into MSI, but I am not sure that they wil have a resolution. At least I know there are others!!!

    Edit, AGP is locked and like I said, not overclocking!


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