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Thread: Need help on my award p4b266LM

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    From a guy with same problem

    dont know whether this is too late or whatever but i have the p4b266-lm. this is an OEM motherboard designed for sony computers, notably the PCG-RX20- series. i contacted ASUS about driver updates/bios updates for this board. this was ASUS' official response:

    'Dear Customer,

    Due to this Motherboard being built for Sony, only Sony would hold the required drivers, please refer to the message I've just got from our R & D Department -

    Dear Paul,

    We do not provide customer support for OEM customers as they are built with specially made design
    and BIOS are not maintained by ASUS directly. I am sorry, but there is nothing we can do to help this client
    other than to direct him back to Sony for help.


    Jack Cheng'

    sony have not provided an update for the p4b266-lm motherboard since 2001. i have attempted to contact them about this but club vaio and vaio-link are designed in such a way as to make sony *incredibly* hard to contact. even with the VORpatch.exe applied (a patch designed to resolve the bug that many users experience that prevents them from registering their product to take advantage of e-support), it is still impossible to register my product with sony. i have contacted them by phone but i am told to use club vaio and use e-support.

    ive given up at this point and im resigned to use ancient drivers and a BIOS that is so restricted and cut down i cannot even change settings like CAS latency or AGP aperture size. basic features that every other PC user in the world is able to do. EXCEPT owners of sony products.

    Now what do i do to update this sucker
    Wilde Gonzalez

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    Just use whatever Sony has. You can update video card and chipset drives regardless of everything else. But specific motherboard drivers and the BIOS will be whatever Sony has.

    Also, the restricted BIOS is a problem with almost all OEM computers. Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, Dell....

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