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Thread: Please help

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    Hello people, im new and only 14 years old but i know alot about computers :D I was wondering how much could i overclock my processor? its a 2.4ghz p4

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    Generally, with a decent motherboard, you can usually hit at least 3.0GHz to 3.2GHz. The 2nd part would be concerning the motherboard you have. Usually, companies like Dell don't have much, if anything in the way of overclocking options. While the CPU is likely able to hit a good speed, having a motherboard that won't support overclocking is a slight problem.

    You overclock the Pentium 4 on it's front side bus (FSB). These start off at 400, 533, or 800, depending on what version of the 2.4 you have. The 2.4 w/o any letter after it runs at 400MHz; the 2.4B and 2.4E have it at 533MHz, and the 2.4C have it at 800MHz. Also these values are from a quad pumped bus, multiplied off a base frequency. Basically 400=100x4, 533=133x4, and 800=200x4.

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    If you knew a lot about computers you would know that overclock results vary greatly and depend heavily on hardware, and the luck of the CPU draw.

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