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Thread: overclocking questions for my computer

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    I currently have:
    mobo: Gigabyte 7VAXP Ultra
    CPU: amd athlon 1.4Ghz thunderbird
    Ram: 768MB of crap pc2100. (i have a 512MB stick of corsair xms pc3200 in fed ex's system right now)

    western digital 7200rpm 100gb hd
    ati 9500 pro (with thermaltake giant 2)
    sound blaster audigy (with logitech z640's)
    sony dvd/cdburner combo
    ls120 floppy drive
    digidoc 5+

    my question is that with my current setup whenever i try to use the multiplier on the mobo it never boots up so i keep it on auto. is there something i need to do in order for it to work? or what is it that is causing that.

    also when i change it i can hear something as if the power supply might be shorted or the hard drive clicking continuesly although i think it is something with the power supply.

    and with my new memory coming in what are the good ways to squeeze the most power out of my computer?

    EDIT: also what's the best bios that i can use for my videocard to overclock. i used a good one once but even when i didn't overclock there were some problems with displaying corrupt files so i put it back to the regular bios.....although i was able to overclock it quite well and get my 3dmark2000SE score above 10000 by a little :) from my ussual 9xxx score.

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    to change the multiplyer on the thunderbird core you need to draw a pencil line across the L1 bridges
    google found this which may help you

    to overclock the video card its best to use drivers such as the omegas or use some other tool.
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    That motherboard is crap for overclocking, but otherwise a solid board. Most of the 1.4GHz Athlons (of the Thunderbird core) come unlocked. Mine did 1.575GHz, but that was about it for that one. Your results may vary though.

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    Yes that mainboard was a big step backwards over the 7VRXP for some reason (which is likely why I still have the 7VRXP and not the 7VAXP-U).

    Don't expect much more than a 166MHz FSB from it (175MHz roughly dropping the multiplier enough) but have you tried with the core voltage raised by 5-7.5%?

    Also every >1200MHz T'bird that I've handled has been unlocked but do check the L1 bridges on your CPU to make sure that they're uncut. These things also develop plenty of heat so how's your temps (these will usually start to play up in the mid 50C range)?

    Yes, that PC2100 won't be helping you at all. The XMS-3200 will be overkill for that setup (XMS-2700 should be enough on that setup) but it doesn't hurt seeing as you'll likely keep peak timings.

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    lol i do agree that the mobo i have sucks for overclocking but i love it because it is very stable. i already did the pencil trick but it was already unlocked (found that out after i did the trick). but i have a thermalright sk-7 with a thermaltake smart case fan 2 on it so the procesor stays at a nice temperature.

    i'm also in the middle of pretty much a compete system upgrade....i just lack the funding for most of it. i bought the memory for when i get the rest of the upgrade done and it'll do nicely for now on this board.

    i'll see what kind of speeds i can get done with the multiplier but the last time i tried tweaking it the computer wouldn't boot and i think i was hearing the power supply being shorted (like the effect crossing the 12v or 5v wire with ground on a molex).

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    I just ran into a problem with my videocard that i recognize from my first attempts at overclocking it. whenever i try to put the speeds up higher the gpu locks up and does it's recover protocol and the only way to take the problem out is to get a bios that is not locked against overclocking but i also remember the last one i used was not a very good one and would often corrupt files it displayed. what would be a good o/c bios i could use for my card as well. i looked at the omega site but i didn't find a bios for a 9500pro.

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