hi all,

being a student im too poor to afford a new processor to go along with all the new bits i have got recently... (DFI LanParty PRO875B, HIS9800pro ICEQ, Coolermaster aero4, a ram sink, new case, uv lights, games etc). My next buy is going to be some kingston ram (my bro works there so i get it cchheeaapp and my current RAM is 1X256MB 266Mhz BUDGET RAM).

anyway i want to overclock my old P4 2Ghz(100X4FSB), not to a stupidly high speed but just something to give me a stable boost.

so i started playing around with it tonight.

So far i have 2.31Ghz but making the FSB 115X4, i then lost my sound but all was fixed after changing something to 66/33. i have noticed my ram freq has changed now to 305mhz.... is this safe? will my budget ram give up? i was under the impression that even though the front side bus speed has changed the ram would still run at its factory speed?

i tested my processor for half an hour with 'CPU Stability Test Copyright 1999-2000 Jouni Vuorio.' and it said no errors but i have noticed windows explorer has started crashing... or maybe i have picked up some spyware.. anyway

well if anyone has any suggestions id be greatful.

thanks for any help and remember this is my first try!