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Thread: Rage 3D Tweak Problem(s)

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    Default Rage 3D Tweak Problem(s)


    Overclocked my Radeon and everything seems fine but, when I run the the "Troubleshoot Overclocking" app it states that the probe has discovered my OS is listing more than 1 video card installed. Now I replaced my original onboard Intel with a Radeon and dissabled the onbard Intel etc adn BIOS looks good. So I am aware that I would have more than 1 card listed but it shows a total of 4 - Video 0, 1, 2 and 3. Now I have looked a the registry keys that are attached to each lising and now I am at a loss as what to do next. I used the ATI uninstall prog and also regcleaner as well as manually cleaning the registry and windows system files etc to install the latest drivers. How can I solve this problem do I backup the reg entries and manually delete them - i.e. go through a process of elimination or can I identify which keys are needed?

    Appreciate any help you could give me - I know this is a bit of a weird issue.

    P.S. I dont appear to have any issues with my video card and benchmarking shows that its at the level it should be and the same as similar specs.


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    Default Re: Rage 3D Tweak Problem(s)

    First off, it isn't recommended to run a troubleshooting application unless you actually have a problem to troubleshoot. As you're seeing firsthand, it looks for common causes of problems and automatically gives an error if it sptos something that "IT" doesn't think is right. Since you're having no problems, I wouldn't be overly concerned about it but thats just me.

    Regarding the multiple entries, it can depend on the OS. You don't mention this nor the video cards listed as the four devices. Since you're now running an ATi product, it is common for it to install two adapters when you install the board. It should show up as "Radeon 9x00" and "Radeon 9x00 - Secondary". Since I know nothing about your configuration I can't say for sure whether this answers your question or not, but it may help.
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