Why are Athlon 64 cpus not good overclockers. Even with newer chipsets that claim AGP/PCI lock they seem to (from all the reviews that I have read so far) get stuck around FSB 220 MHz, 10% above stock speed of the cpu's.
a- is it because the newer chipsets don't make much of a difference since the memory controller is integrated into the cpu. Therefore if the memory controller is unable to run faster than 220 MHz so won't the CPU.
b- one site claimed that the Sata drives can not be used when overclocking, because the agp-pci lock on the chipset ( k8t800 or nforce 3, can't remember which ) don't work for sata channels.

if anyone knows the answer to my question or has other ideas even remotely relevant, pls feel free to post here. thx for all replies already.