A “band-aid” fix for overclocking a Barton Mobile XP processor on an ABIT NF7-S2G motherboard.

I'm posting a reply to this long seemingly dead thread because it came up first for me on a search for overclocking an S2G with Barton mobile processor - in fact, it was the only real posting I found on the matter. Hopefully, somebody else may find this helpful before they fleabay or otherwise toss their S2G in disgust.

I was making a cheap server and didn't need SoundStorm, or the back-panel ports this board is missing and thought it would serve the purpose. I've made lots of NF7-S (2.0) machines, and a few other NF7 series machines and was always really happy with them. Not so with this board.

I purchased it and a mobile Barton 2500+, planning to overclock it as always, but this board will not allow multiplier changes. The best I was able to do was to bump the FSB to 200Mhz (a little more, actually, but you get the point), getting a whopping 200x6=1.2Ghz processor out of it. NOT acceptable! I've got several Barton 2500+'s working at over 2.5Ghz on air, and 1.2Ghz just won't do.

Fortunately, there is a little fix that requires a tiny piece of wire and a steady hand, allowing higher speeds that will work on this board. It forces the minimum multiplier to 13x. For the 2500+, it will default to 14x. 14x166=2.3Ghz. Now we're talking! Once the 14x multiplier is enabled, you can stretch your mobile Barton in the S2G as far as you care to via FSB adjustment.

*** If done wrong, you may ruin your motherboard AND/OR processor.
*** Please, double check your work!
*** Standard disclaimers should be assumed beyond this point.

It's not a completely unknown modification, but isn't widely known either. Browse here or see below to see how it's done:

For the wire, I took an old floppy drive cable, sliced one wire. The wire was composed of 8 little strands of wire, each barely the thickness of a hair. Total length was about 1/4 inch, bent into a "U" shape. With a small needle nose pliers, a good light and a steady hand, in 5 minutes I was at 2.3Ghz with my Barton 2500+ and NF7-S2G.

Image copied from hwspirit.com. Credits to them!