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Thread: 64 2800 and memery ???s

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    Default 64 2800 and memery ???s

    Ok, so I have a vnf3-250, a 64 2800, and kingmax 512 pc3500. My cpu clock speed is stock now, 1.8ghz; I would like to get it up around 2.5 ghz, 250x10. How do I overclock my mem with this board, I have found the page with the speeds and timings, but I dont know what any of them mean. It says multiplier, but the only options are default, 100, 133, and 200. So i assume that the max is 400mhz, but i see people with faster speeds ont this board. And also, my stock ram timings are 2.5, 4, 8, 4; are these too loose for my wanted oc? And if so, what would be better timings? I know that the cpu/ram run best at a 1:1, what speeds could I run to achieve this? Sorry If any of that didnt make sense, but Im all mixed up right now...
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    Default Re: 64 2800 and memery ???s

    It's actually okay if you don't run the CPU and RAM at 1:1. If you do, I'd say keep the multiplier for the CPU at 10 so you can keep a high clock speed. But I'd say run the CPU a bit higher than the RAM so you can overclock it more. The RAM won't overclock as well as that CPU.

    In any case, there's very little chance you could get to 2.5GHz with a 2800. Getting past 2.4GHz with a 3000 is difficult on air cooling.

    Keep the RAM timings at 2.5-3-3-10. I'd suggest you not loosen them anymore, even though it will give you a better overclock. The cost of the crappier latencies won't be worth it.

    Maybe someone can post a good guide for overclocking, because I don't think I feel up to trying to walk you through the BIOS. Hell, you should just explore the BIOS on your own and try to figure it out. Maybe I'll dig up a guide I have somewhere and post it..

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