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Thread: Overclocking Athlon XP system

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    Default Overclocking Athlon XP system

    Hey there, I know this is gona sound like a pointless venture because all i can change in the BIOS in my system is DRAM ratio and FSB, but any ideas on overclocking the system in my sig? I tried a 12mhz fsb increase with stock cooling and that crashed it almost immediately.

    Edit: If that damned Asus nforce 2 board i originally wanted didnt arrive broken, this wouldve had a point...btw the memory is kreton DDR400 @ CL2.5-5-4-9....ah well, hopefully i'll be able to afford a socket939 athlon 64 system soon...kudos to AMD on those new 90nm processors
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    Default Re: Overclocking Athlon XP system

    i would try increasing your Cpu's Vcore voltage before playing around with the fsb, or just try upping the fsb 1 notch at a time till it won't boot.. then back off 1, then up your vcore voltage and see if ya can get any higher on the fsb..personally i have never played with the memory timings, and i've got a great overclock on my machine all with 1 gig of cheap futureshop ram.
    running Asus A7N8X deluxe Rev2.0 Bios Version 1008 with a AMD Athlon Xp2500+ Barton core @ 215x11.5
    Temps - Case 24 - Cpu Idle 45 - Cpu Load 55
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    PSU - Antec 450Watt
    Video - Nvidia Fx5600
    Sound - Sound blaster live 5.1
    Storage - 80 gig western Digital 7200rpm drive W/8meg Cache , 40 gig Maxtor 7200rpm , Lg cdrw 52x24x52
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