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    I have a 2600+ that was set to run like a 2000+ and i obivously have to overclock but im kinda fuzzy on the subject and it would be great if someone could tell me how to bring it to/what the settings are for a 2600+ or maybe even higher. Thank you.
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    If it is a 2600+ then you don't need to overclock at all, just set the FSB to the proper 166MHz FSB (333DDR) instead of the 133MHz FSB (266DDR) that you have it set at now.

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    I had that issue with a pc id built someone, the FSB was set at 100 (200DDR) by stock (Asus A7N8X-X) so it came up with "athlon xp 1500+" on POST instead of 2700+ lol. Just had to explore the BIOS briefly to change the FSB to correct value

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    Basically - Your trying to get a high FSB with low-ish multiplier. Too high, and your computer will either not start, or become unstable. To remedy this, we raise the voltage to increase stability - But the higher the voltage, the higher the temperature. To much temp, and bye-bye CPU.

    It took me time, patients, and a few component replacements :S b4 I worked out my perfect clock speeds.

    Try this site -

    It'll give you a run down on overclocking. But make sure you know what your doing b4 you start changing settings. This is the quickest way to fry your box.
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