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Thread: Amd 64 3000 and A8V overclock

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    Default Amd 64 3000 and A8V overclock

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    Hi all...I would to tweak my bios a little to get the most out of my asus a8v (rev2) and Amd 64 3000. I wondererd what options I have in manual mode in my bios vs automatic oc configuration(up to 10%).I am using a stock amd cooler and fan(so I probably cant get to radical) memory might be suspect too(cheap $100 for 512MB).Heres what I have in my system...thanks for your help!

    Asus a8v rev2 with 1008 bios
    AMD 64 3000+
    512MB Alixir 200mhz 3200 ddr400
    80 GB 7200 sata WD
    20 GB ATA 5000
    nvidia 5500
    550w power

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    Default Re: Amd 64 3000 and A8V overclock

    For BIOS optimization, see the BIOS optimiaztion guide on

    For overlclocking, you'll bascially have to work around the RAM. You can probably get a fair OC on that, but you'll have to run a divder on the RAM speed, meaning it'll run at a lower bus speed than the CPU. Using a ratio, you can probably get at least 100MHz out of that, even on stock cooling.

    That said, I probably wouldn't bother if it's gaming performance that you want. Your video card is holding you back more than anything else, even that RAM. You could go and overclock that, though I don't know that 5500s OC too well.

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