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Thread: New comp...wanting OC

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    Default New comp...wanting OC

    Ok..i just finished my new computer...It has the following:
    AMD Athlon FX-55
    GeForce 6800 Ultra
    MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum Motherboard
    2 GB Corsiar DDRAM (2 x 1 GB)
    480 Watt Antec PSU
    250 GB Western Digital HD
    80 GB Western Digital HD
    Windows XP Pro
    SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum
    HardCano 12
    With NO settings changed in terms of overclocking, when i crank up my card to full settings the demos on the free version of 3DMark05 yield unsatisfactory performance (a score of 3318). What changes to I need to change in order to make my computer jet through those demos. I have now updated my drivers and will post a new score soon...i do want my entire computer overclocked so that everything will run smoothly. But i dont want to fry my computer over, so i need overclocking that will be an oxymoron. thank you for your assistance

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    Default Re: New comp...wanting OC

    You definitly dont need to overclock with that computer. I don't think it can get any more high end than that. Something else is wrong. is it just 3Dmark or is everything like that? If it isn't then it isnt the end of the world. Keep in mind that standart benchmarking in 3dmark05 means turning off aa and af.
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    Default Re: New comp...wanting OC

    well...i compared scores adn people with less memory and lower processors but same video card were getting annoys me that i dont run through those time demos with control left to the program.

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    Default Re: New comp...wanting OC

    What is the exact model of your RAM? Also what order did you install your drivers in? There may have been a conflict with your drivers.

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    Default Re: New comp...wanting OC

    First off,that processor will not overclock all that well. I have the FX-53 and fall into the same category.

    Secondly, do a little research and make sure that these people with half your system and twice your score are running their benchmark tests at default settings. Many folks will lower the image quality and give the resulting score, which certainly does not give a true assessment of their system performance.

    Finally, check your system for stability. Your choice in PSU and the Socket939 motherboards have been known to cause issues; usually in stability but performance could also be affected.
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    Default Re: New comp...wanting OC

    Actually, some FX-55s overclock decently with nice cooling, that's not the issue right now...

    The resolution at which you are runing 3DMark is just as important as the drivers and graphical settings. That wouldn't be a score worth complaining about were it run at 1280x1024 or 1280x960. I'd say 1024x768 with AA and AF set to "application preference" is pretty much the standard, and that's what you should be comparing numbers with.

    On top of that, you've made a terrible choice with that RAM. Never use 1GB modules on an Athlon 64 platform unless you actually will make use of more than 2GBs of RAM, which will never happen (anything that would use that much RAM is more likely to be a server system with an Opteron). You have more RAM than you need as it is, and some high-quality 512MB modules would yield much better performance. The timings on 1GB modules are aweful, and you won't get very good overclocking results, either.

    To improve your current performance, you can look at some of the relevant guides on The XP Tweak Companion and nVidia GeForce Tweaking Guide (or something of a similar name) should both be out soon, and knowing PI's guide-writing abilities, they're likely to be very helpful. For know, the existing XP guides and the System Optimization Guide ought to be enough.

    As for overclocking, on top of you RAM having difficulty overclock, which isn't that important, you simply won't be able to overclock that significantly and be stable. Not only will air cooling be insufficient for a nice OC on an FX-55, but a 480W PSU from a company known to have stability problems with socket 939 systems as it is will not handle overclocking at all. A 480W is the absoulte minimum for any socket 939 system, and one with as much power-hungry hardware as yours will need at least 550W from a good brand name to be overclocked stabily.

    You can, however, overclock the video card. Even with that PSU, it's likely to be stable. The video card has a much larger impact in many games and 3DMark05 than the CPU anyway (though it will do nothing for osme games). For help overclockign your video card, see this article.

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