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Thread: Need help using coolbits

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    Default Need help using coolbits

    Hi all,

    I'm new to overclocking. I downlaoded coolbits 7.3.2. My cpu temp ranges from 46-51C which is ok I guess.

    I have
    MSI 645 Ultra-C mobo. 100Mhz FSB
    GF2 MX400
    256 DDR-SDRAM 266Mhz

    When I enable coolbits, (Nvidia analog display>Clock frequencies>manual overclocking), the core clock freq. shows 200 Mhz, and memory clock frequency 143Mhz. Is this my default hardware's frequency? And the from should I increase small number from teh default value shown? Or is my default value 100Mhz and 266Mhz? I'm really confused here. I hope someone could give me a quick reponse.


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    Default Re: Need help using coolbits

    Operating frequencies of video boards are nothing like those of the system (processor). Manufacturers will be given a reference design from the ATI or nVidia folks and they have a certain amount of freedom to create their own board based on this reference. Having strange speeds like you do is very common.

    As with any overclocking, you will want to take small steps. Since the system does not have to be rebooted after making any changes, this isn't that hard to do. I generally take the core up until I begin to notice graphical artifacts in games and benchmarking utilities (yes, I always test after EACH setting change), and then back it off a little. Then I repeat the procedure with the memory speeds. This allows you to get a good overclock and not be baffled by which of the two speeds messed up on you.

    Given the age of your board and my own past experiences with it, I wouldn't expect a large overclocking ability, but you should be able to at least get a little gain over your current speeds.

    Good luck.
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