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Thread: O/cing an Athlon 64 (939) with SATA2 HDs

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    Default O/cing an Athlon 64 (939) with SATA2 HDs

    I have heard that trying to overclock an Athlon 64 with SATA or SATA2 hard drives in the system doesn't work out well. (sorry, I don't know exact details)

    Anyone know any more about this? Has anyone had any issues, or been successful in OCing in a situation like this?

    I'm putting a new system together, which I will want to OC. If the SATA2 HDs will cause issues, then I'll just go with ATA instead.

    FYI -
    I'll be running
    Chaintech VNF4 Ultra
    Athlon 64 3000+
    1GB (2x512) Mushkin DDR400 PC3200 CAS 2.5-3-3
    XFX <i>or</i> Chaintech 6600GT

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    Default Re: O/cing an Athlon 64 (939) with SATA2 HDs

    In general SATA will restrict your overclock compared with using IDE drives, even if the ports are properly locked, AFAIK. Dont know about SATA2 but probably a similar story

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    Default Re: O/cing an Athlon 64 (939) with SATA2 HDs

    I'm not quite positive if SATA will limit the overclock on that system, but I'd suggest you get IDE just to be safe. You can do some research and see if nF4 systems can overclock equally with SATA and IDE, but get an IDE to be safe if you don't find anything conclusive. The only bonus to SATA is some speed, and it's not really worth the money much of the time, IMO.

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