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Thread: I guess this is old stuff, but still

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    Default OCing a MObile

    this is my pc...
    Barton Mobile 2400 35w
    CPU Voltage 1.58
    CPU Temp 53.5C about 130f
    Speed 2.31 GHz
    DFI Nfii Ultra Infinity
    256ddr Supertalent
    And I managed to OC it to 2.31ghz.
    The DDR speed is set to 2x200 2.0-3-3-7CL 2cmd (that's what SiSoft Sandra tellsme don't really undersandit).
    Almost Forgot I'm Using a thermaltake V12 for cooling its speed is almost at minimun
    I want to OC more,
    is it safe? can u give me any tip?
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    Default Re: I guess this is old stuff, but still

    Keep the temperature below 55C load, and you should be fine. Never heard of that brand of memory...

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    Default Re: OCing a MObile

    Quote Originally Posted by theRazoR_III
    is it safe? can u give me any tip?
    Not going to happen on this cooling. You should use Arctic Silver 5 as the thermal compound between the CPU and it's heatsink. And don't leave the fan at minimum, if you want to OC more (or even remain stable at these temps).

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