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Thread: 1800+ DUT3C, Oldschool Overclocking is back!

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    Default 1800+ DUT3C, Oldschool Overclocking is back!

    Ok, so I might not be the best with computer but to hell with you if you tell me I don't know what I am talking about.

    So rescently I was playing around because I was bored and I thought... Holy hell Batman! Why don't I set my fsb:ram ratio to 1:1 since it is only DDR333..

    So now I have FSB and RAM running symetrical, quite a bit faster than 1.66ghz with 12.5*133.

    One question I have is, are there any secret options I don't know about in the BIOS like CTRL+F1 on some boards?

    Second question is, did reading the topic title bring back memories? Hehe...

    EDIT: Did some more tests, seems quite stable and limited to 170*11.5=1.95ghz limited by.... CPU VCore.... :( I smell voltage mod.
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