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Thread: Ocerclocking AMD 64 3000+ (AGP) vs 3500+ (PCI-E)

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    Default Ocerclocking AMD 64 3000+ (AGP) vs 3500+ (PCI-E)

    I'm about to buy a compleet new computer system. My choice was clearly the 3500+ (winchester) with a PCI-E motherboard (not sure what board yet). However yesterday I've been reading that peopel are managing to overclock their 3000+ (winchester) CPU's to over 2700 Mhz. Effectively making them a 4400+ CPU. They do this with a MSI neo2 motherboard and they don't appear to need extra cooling on the processor. The only minoration I see with this system is that the motherboard has an AGP part and no PCI-E.

    Since I'm aiming to use the for four years I'm wondering wether it's smart to choose a AGP motherboard. 'Coz I doubt that even my FXF 6800GT will last for four years.

    If heard that the 3500+ can overclock till 2,5 - 2,7 from 2,2 GHz.

    Any advice or comments are welcome.

    Thanks for reading.


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    Default Re: Ocerclocking AMD 64 3000+ (AGP) vs 3500+ (PCI-E)

    Get a DFI nForce 4 ultra motherboard and an Athlon 64 3200. That will overclock extremely well and the board should last you quite a while, as should whatever RAM you purchase. CPUs and GPUs will need to be upgraded periodically, so neither a 6800GT nor a 3200 will last four years without being behind the times.

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