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Thread: Overclocking tools on WinXP x64 Edition

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    Default Overclocking tools on WinXP x64 Edition

    I've just procured a new 90nm Athlon64 3500+ and 1GB of OCZ PC4000 VX RAM, and am eager to overclock it the way such fine hardware deserves. However, I'm running Windows XP x64 Edition (legally, I might add), the fine new MS operating system that will be released in a couple of weeks.

    Now, XP x64 Edition can run all user-mode 32-bit code just as well as the traditional 32-bit XP. But what it can't run is 32-bit kernel-mode code -- that is, I can't use anything with a 32-bit driver (.sys file).

    This isn't at all a problem for me normally -- there are x64 drivers available for my mainboard (MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum), video card (GeForce 6800 GT), and sound card (Creative Audigy2). But none of my system diagnostics or OC'ing tools work!

    No WCPUID! No Sandra! No Motherboard Monitor! No nTune! What's an overclocker to do!? For that matter, MSI's Windows-based BIOS updater won't even work (though the DOS-boot-disk one works fine.)

    Now, needless to say, I can still have plenty of fun in BIOS. But it'd be nice to be able to get some diagnostics done in Windows, and at least be able to monitor my temperature readouts, fan speeds, etc. even if I can't adjust them (MSI CoreCell? Denied!) It's kind of hard to check your CPU loaded temps from BIOS. :)

    So, does anyone on this forum know where I can find:
    a.) Any diagnostics software that doesn't run in kernel? I realize that this will necessarily be less thorough (there are some things that Windows, for security reasons, will not let you access from userland), but anything would be a step up.
    b.) Any diagnostics software that's got an x64 version available?


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    Default Re: Overclocking tools on WinXP x64 Edition

    There's a 64-bit version of SANDRA.

    Only overclock via the BIOS. A lack of overclocking utilities shouldn't even bother you.

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