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Thread: Asus P4P800-Deluxe Settings

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    Default Asus P4P800-Deluxe Settings

    Okay homies.. my system specs for starters

    Asus P4P800-Deluxe
    Prescott 2.8E- Zalman 120mm Copper/Aluminum
    OCZ PC3200 DC (2x512)
    Asus Geforce N6600 128MB
    2x120GB IDE WDJB's in Raid0
    300w Enermax PSU
    Onboard Sound
    Linksys Ethernet
    Several Thermaltake 80mm fans
    Lite-ON CR-RW

    For the main course.. my system config:

    cpu @ 3500Mhz @1.55v
    fsb @ 1000Mhz
    mem @ 420Mhz (approx) 2.5-3-3-6 @2.85v, Infinite, 64u
    agp bus locked @ 66mhz
    turbo mode enabled
    mam enabled

    mobo temp varies from 22c to 34c
    cpu temp varies from 40c to 55c
    System Stability: Normal.

    Now, I need some opinions on dessert.

    Im working with what I have, with all these new technologies on the horizon, Ive decided to end the upgrade cycle on this rig. (read: not spending another dime, and Im keeping the system for the forseeable future.)

    To anyone who's had experience with this board, specifically -- not the p4p-se, the p4p800 or the deluxe e - they're all so maddeningly similar yet tweaking each one is different.. I have some questions.

    First: is there anything Im doing with regards to my configuration thats inhibiting preformance? Should I be running different latency timings @ the memory speed? Should I lower my FSB to match my memory speed? (233/233 for example) Ive also heard that running certain fsb/mem timing with mam enable degrades performance.. and other such nonsense. Every guide has half assed suggestions and examples pertaining to ideal setups on various p4p800 boards, but nothing definitive for my board. at 3.5 GHZ @ 1000fsb, Im near the bleeding edge of where I can take the machine clockwise. The memory will run near 500 Mhz with a lower fsb, but sandra's overall scores indicate better overall preformance with the higher cpu/fsb. - which is what Im looking for, as the machine is used for damned near everything.

    I have no patience for running endless benchmarks, I just want some opinions. Im aware that my psu is a tad paltry @ only 300w, but it packs a punch and is more than sufficient- Ive thoroughly enjoyed sessions of halflife 2 that have lasted hours @ near max settings without issue.

    Secondly: Ive come to the conclusion that the onboard 3com gb lan is average and sufficient, yet something is telling me to run a pci card in its place. Will this make a difference? Which will tax the bus/cpu less?

    Lastly, any and all opinions and advice regarding my configuration are welcomed. Im kinda proud that I was able to hit 3.5 GHZ stable on a 2.8E, but I know that clock speeds are only one of many ways to guage overall performance.


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    Default Re: Asus P4P800-Deluxe Settings

    So much stuff here but I'll see if I can help out at all.

    First off, the memory latency will depend greatly on your memory modules. You can step it down in small increments and wait for it to start giving instability problems and then just step it back up a notch and you should be set. OCZ is pretty good stuff so it should do the job nicely unless it is the budget variety, and even then it will probably do all right. Intel setups generally do pretty good with the tighter timings, so if you can get something along the lines of 2-2-2-5 with 1T command timings, you'll be doing great in this area. As for the memory ratio, I've seen folks go with either a 1:1 or a 5:4, so it really depends on what works better for you. Though I'm not an Intel guy (been using AMD for several years now), you can find a great BIOS Guide at

    Next up is the LAN issue. Unless you're running into problems with the onboard NIC, stick with it. There isn't an Internet connection around that will thrash that Gigabit controller so I highly doubt you'll get any better performance out of a PCI model. If you feel you can do better in this area, check out THIS LINK for a tweaking section from DSL Reports. This is still one of the best sites around for getting the most out of your broadband connection.

    Lastly, I'll again refer to the BIOS Optimization Guide at Rojak Pot that I linked above. If you're reasonably new to the BIOS it will open your eyes to a whole new world of tweaks. If you're an old hat, it will refresh your memory and also explain some of those more obscure settings and let you know if you have any chance of getting more power from your rig by playing with them.

    Good luck!
    Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill
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    Default Re: Asus P4P800-Deluxe Settings

    Not sure I can be of much help since it sounds like you know more than I do in regard to BIOS settings. I see however that you have your FSB at 1000Mhtz. Is this a setting somewhere? My P4 3.0E Prescott has a freq of 800 FSB and the P4P800Deluxe I thought was a 800Mghtz max board. For some reason, mine is running I think at 400. I'm sure I've selected an automatic config for it. So how did you set your's to 1K???

    Thanks, Taralius
    Pentium 4 3.0E (800Mhz FSB) Prescott
    Asus P4P800Deluxe
    1.5 Gig DDR 400 RAM
    ULTRA X-Connect 500 WATT PSU
    Cheiftec Dragon Case
    4 Silenx 80mm Fans (thermocouple)
    Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu P4 cooler
    Terratec 24/96
    Radeon 9800 Dual head
    3 IDE HDs, 1 CDRW

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    Default Re: Asus P4P800-Deluxe Settings

    Tar, simply set the overclock utility to manual, which will unlock the fsb frequency settings. The board supports 800 MHZ chips, but nowhere does it say that it cant clock them beyond 800. With an Extreme Edition, you can push it all the way to 1.36 GHZ :|I dont see how the motherboard would be clocking your fsb down to 400 MHZ.. That must be your memory frequency.

    Either way, I'd recommend trying my settings, since Ive maxed out my system, and our systems are quite similar. Start where I am, and try pushing it up from there-- you should be able to hit a slighty higher fsb and cpu clock than me (stable) because your chip is faster.

    Ive been all the way to 1200 MHZ FSB @ 3.66 GHz, but its about as stable as my girlfriend is mentally.

    Darth, my memory wont drop that low, and it's not the low end ocz-- Its the mid range gear, copper heatspreaders-- I forget what series.

    Overall, Im happy with where I am. My system hasnt locked since I posted, and it runs 24/7.

    The via raid controller sucks ass, especially in IDE.. Dont know what I can do about that. A pci card is not an option, Im not dropping another dime on this beast.

    As for the lan card, I wasnt suggesting it for bandwidth.. i was suggesting it to take the load off the cpu/bus. Im still not sure what to do.

    And to anyone that cares, (tar) dont ever buy an ultra x connect psu. They look pretty, but my $40 enermax (and just about any other half assed psu) packs more stable clean current than the ultra. They're total garbage. I'd recommend the modular OCZ for the look and removable cables, if you really must-- but even then, its not all that high end a psu.

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    Default Re: Asus P4P800-Deluxe Settings

    Newbie Overclocker here. Us newbies are really really intimidated when overclocking, because we fear causing permanent damage to our beautiful systems.

    Can anyone post a pic/screenshot of the settings in their BIOS?

    Why? Because the labels for each setting you all mention is not exactly straight-forward in the BIOS.
    For example there's Dram, Clock Throttle, all kinds of voltages, etc.

    Please, lend a helping hand to an OC'ing Noob.
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