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Thread: Can't get stable at all!

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    Exclamation Any help would be great!

    Hey guys, I have the MSI K8N Neo2 platinum, Athlon 64 3500+ newcastle, 1 GB Kingston value RAM DDR400, AIW 9800 Pro, Audigy 2 ZS gamer, volcano cooler for the processor, kingwin cooler for VGA, two 160 GB SATA drives in a raid 0 on ports 1 and 2. Using the MSI overclock options I can't even overclock to the lowest level, 3%, with out the system crashing. Does anyone know of stability issues I might be having, settings I could try or anything else I need to know? Also, with earlier versions of ATI tool I was able to OC my card to 400 with no problems, now it tells me that the max clock is 390. Any ideas on that?
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    Current Set-up: Thermaltake Tsunami case, Thermaltake 480 W silent purepower, MSI K8N Neo2 Plat., AMD Athlon 64 3500+ w/Venus 12 cooler, 2x512 DDR400, ATI AIW 9800 Pro w/Kingwin VGA cooler (it looks cool anyway), Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZX Gamer, 2x160 GB SATA RAID 0 HDD.

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    To start I would say switch your raid config to SATA slots 3+4 rumor has it that slots 1+2 dont lock. Second I would lock your AGP and PCI bus by setting AGP frequency to 67 and from there I would consult this site to begin....

    Good luck with your project!! Lemmie know what you get, ill try to help in anyway I can but I have an OC project in progress myself. Then again when many minds are focused on similar goals one might see something amiss that others may have overlooked! Be good!

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    try to change your memory, my best ever memory is hynix bh-5, it can run in higest Mhz with low latecy.

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