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Thread: Is this a good system to overclock?

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    Default Is this a good system to overclock?


    I am new to this - overclocking..

    I have the following setup:

    AMD 64 Athlon 3500 (Winchester)
    Gigabyte GA-K8NS Pro-939 Motherboard
    2 x Hynix 1Gig Memmory 400DDR
    2 x 160 Gig Western Digital Hard Drives 7200Rpm - Raid 0
    Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce 6600 Graphics
    OS - Windows XP 64 Bit

    I ordered the following:
    VapoChill Extreme Edition II [AC]
    WaterChill Unit for the Chipset and Graphics Card

    1) Would this setup allow for overclocking?
    2) What do you think about the cooling solution
    3) What PSU would you recomend?
    4) And now for the question you must get tired of: How do I start experimenting with overclocking? Is there a software solution that helps with this - Don't want to blow my system on the first try!!!

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Is this a good system to overclock?

    Dont take this as any sort of a hit on your yourself but what caused you to order expensive cooling solutions if your unsure of your hardware? I would say thats a good OC CPU but as for other items on your list Im sorry I couldnt be of any help. In anycase good luck with your project!

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    Default Re: Is this a good system to overclock?

    For NVidia I usually use RivaTuner.
    As for testing stability, if you have a temp control panel or something use that. Otherwise just keep overclocking it until it starts to become unstable. Just make sure your temps on the cpu and video don't get real high. I agree with Vert on your cooling solutions. You went a little overboard but it's cool. I'm sure it looks nice ;) So you shouldn't have too much of a heat problem. I wouldn't recommend overclocking the ram, since you're probably not going to need, or notice, a performance increase from and it can lead to serious problems if it becomes unstable. Anyways, that's most of my two cents. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Is this a good system to overclock?

    you overclock in the bois

    hit f1 or del at the beginning of start up before you see the windows logo

    there is something called the FSB front side bus it would be in mhz and you can up that. there is a multipler which is like xWhatever that i think is locked. up the FSB like by incromits of 5 or 10

    but be careful.

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    Default Re: Is this a good system to overclock?

    I'm pretty sure a board like that would have the shmuck-o-matic overclocking thing, what's it called? CIA or something?

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    Default Re: Is this a good system to overclock?

    CIA and MIB Im not sure which one does what but one of those is it... If you select "top Proformance" in your bios menu it will send your HTT(FSB) to 208 or around there depending on your configuration.
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