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Thread: Whats with the Memory?!?!

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    Question Whats with the Memory?!?!

    Hey guys, wow the Venice core is insane! Im gonna list my settings and give a brief description of the symptoms. I cant figure this out at all!

    -Vantec Stealth 520watt
    -Venice Core 3000
    -K8N Neo2 Plat (Bios 1.5)
    -Kingston HyperX DDR3200 (KHX3200A/512x2, in Dual Channel slots closest to cpu)
    -EVGA Geforce 6800GT
    -Dual Seagate SATA 80gig running RAID-0 in SATA slots 3+4
    -WindowsXP sp1

    -Vcore=1.6 (1.500*8.3%)volts
    -AGP= 1.6volts

    CPU Settings:
    -HTT= 250 x 4

    Memory settings:
    -1T/2T (tried both)
    (I left these at auto because im not to familiar with messing with this)
    -(Max FSB) 133/100
    (Ive tried both, I can go higher HTT with 100, like 290HTT(x3) and 250HTT(x4)seems to be my limit with 133) either way its not prime stable.

    OK I will prolly update this with any info I may have forgotten, working on the floor for a party this evening. Problems are that when I test with prime it will run cpu stress for hours with no problems but the second I choose Ram stress it messes up within a few seconds. Whats going on with the ram?!?! Thanks guys, ill check back in an hour or so.

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    Default Re: Whats with the Memory?!?!

    Boost the memory voltage to 2.7-2.8V.

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    Default Re: Whats with the Memory?!?!

    Wayout, I was able to get to 45 using 2.8 and it was stable but anything higher and it wouldnt POST or I would get freezes during boot or weird colors on display. I am just confused to why more voltage would help memory running under spec?!? Thanks.

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