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Thread: Overclocking sempron 2800+ s754

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    Default Overclocking sempron 2800+ s754

    my computer specs are:
    sempron 2800+ running at 2ghz
    2x 256 kingston valueram ddr400
    MSI k8n neo platinum mobo
    geforce 4 ti 4200 agp 4x
    350w power

    so i wanted to overclock this thing and got to fsp 250 (2ghz) by dropping the memory clock..
    the problem is that everytime i go over 250 fsb the computer crashes and wont show any visual what so ever.. i tried dropping the gfx card to agp 2x and i was able to boot with 251 fsb but there was horrible artifacts and second later it locks up into the boot screen..
    now im wondering what to do to get the fsb higher.. the power should be enough and temps are only 30-35c with the boxed cooler so i think i should be able to go to atleast 2200-2400mhz :)

    cpu runs at default voltage atm.. i also tried rising it but it didnt help anything
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    Default Re: Overclocking sempron 2800+ s754

    The RAM can't handle that speed. I don't know what makes you think it can. DDR400 value RAM generally won't run at DDR500 speeds. OCZ VX value can be an exception, but that depends more on luck. Kingston value won't go that high.

    More importantly, the PSU probably can't handle that. Even if it's from Antec or something, a socket 939 system should never be overclocked, if used at all, on a 350W PSU. Get something around 450-500 if you want to overclock this.

    If you run a divider so the processor bus speed and RAM speed are different, you can get the CPU higher, though you'll also need to increase voltage eventually.

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    Default Re: Overclocking sempron 2800+ s754

    uh ofcourse i dropped the ramclock before rising the fsb :P
    but you are right.. the psu might be the problem ill see what i can do..
    thanks for help

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