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Thread: OC failures

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    Default OC failures

    Hey; I was just wondering what others have fried while trying to overclock their components.

    In the past, I've fried an AMD Athlon 1900+ while trying to unlock the multiplier - I think I did it correctly, but ended up frying it due to insufficient cooling >_<.

    I also burned a pin out on a 128mb DDR ram chip after inserting it backwards in the slot, haha -- it shouldn't be able to go in the wrong way, but well, I guess with enough force :P. Anyways, it turned out that the pin that fried didn't lead anywhere so I guess it was a null pin -- the chip worked after I turned it around, hehe.

    So what mobo's, video cards, processors, or ram chips have you destroyed while trying to overclock your system?


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    Default Re: OC failures

    Burned up an old T-Bird processor once when the heatsink wasn't properly seated and managed to kill a 9800 Pro video board... think I just changed stuff up so often it crapped out on me. Not bad considering the amount of stuff I've messed around with.
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    Default Re: OC failures

    I did lose my 9800 Pro, though I'm not entirely convinced it was from overclocking. I hadn't overclocked it in a while and it just up and died. It was about 12-18 months into its life, but I just RMAd it back to Newegg for a replacement. It just cost a few bucks for shipping and some time since I had to get a 9800 Pro stock HSF mailed to me from a forum friend. A small price to pay for the increase in performance IMO.

    Other than that possible casualty, I've destroyed nothing. So far, I've overclocked:
    Three video cards
    Four sticks of RAM
    Five different motherboards
    Five different processors

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