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Thread: Plz Tell Me If/How I Can OC This Bad Boy.

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    Default Plz Tell Me If/How I Can OC This Bad Boy.

    AMD Athlon 1700+
    -Core Speed: 1460MHz
    -Multiplier: x 11.0
    -FSB: 132.8MHz
    -Bus Speed: 265.5MHz
    Motherboard (ASUSTek)
    Model: A7V400-MX
    -Chipset: VIA KM400
    -Southbridge: VIA VT8235
    BIOS (Phoenix Tech)
    ACPI BIOS revision 1009
    Video Card
    -NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX4000
    -AGP 64MB
    -VGA Mem Clock:405.0Mhz
    -VGA Core Clock:249.8MHz
    -Transfer Rate: 8x, Max Supported: 8x
    -2 x 256 PC3200 (200MHz)
    -CAS Latency: 3.0 (Note: One stick says the latency here is 2.5)
    -RAS to CAS: 3
    -RAS Precharge: 3
    -TRas: 8
    -Bank Interleave: 4-way
    Quantum Fireball IDE 20GB
    Super-Duper Ultra Elite 250w (Compaq)

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    Default Re: Plz Tell Me If/How I Can OC This Bad Boy.

    well i can say you might need to unlock the cpu before you can overclock that and the graphics card you got is deffently overclockable i know nvidia has a free downloadble overclocking tool on there website.
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