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Thread: Asus OC'ing! I need some help

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    Default Asus OC'ing! I need some help

    Hello folks,

    I am new to the Asus line of Mobo's and am trying to oc my rig and I am a tad confused by all this AI auto overclocking settings and think that they could be the source of my issues. First of all let me tell you what I have and am trying to do:

    Intel 3.6 560 P4 (sorry, I know its not an AMD)
    Asus P5AD2 Premium Mobo with version 1010 BIOS (the latest with the Lock free on)
    Zalman CNPS7700 120mm CPU fan
    Crucial Ballistix DDR2 667 Ram (2 X 1 GIG sticks)
    PC Power cooling 510 Power Supply
    WD 74 gig Raptor X 2 running in RAID0 configuration
    XFX 7800GTX PCI-e Video Card (490/1300)

    and I am trying to run a 1066 FSB.

    I updated the BIOS to the latest version which has the lock free feature unlocking the multiplier on the chip. The factory multiplier is 18, by unlocking it it goes to 14, which is what you want to run the 1066 FSB. So, I have seen a couple of rigs, one on Tom's Hardware that had a very similar setup to mine hardware wise and they are running the FSB at 1066. The problem for me hence is the AI settings in the BIOS, which essetially allows noobs to just OC to 10%, 15% ect with the ease of one setting. My dilema is when I try to go in and manually adjust the core up to 266 (which is what it should be for 1066) it wont boot. The AI in manual mode leaves all the other settings to "auto" and the problem is that maybe there is something elsewhere, say maybe the core voltage or the PCI-e voltage that is being adjusted too high and not allowing it to boot. I really need to lock down those other settings but since they are on auto I have no clue where they should be. My Abit IC7-Max 3 was a sinch to OC, it was all manual labor but this Asus is a bit different. Sorry for the lengthy message and thanks in advance with any comments you guys may have.


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    Default Re: Asus OC'ing! I need some help

    Hi There,

    I am having a very similar problem. Since installing my 7800gtx I cannot overclock at all in the bios. The system only boots if the FSB is 200. Strangly if I install my old card 6600 GT, I have no problems.

    My spec is -

    7800 gtx xfx 1.35/525
    p4 550 3.4
    gigabyte ga 8aenxp-d 925 xe
    2 pair pc5300 corsair pro
    water cooled cpu, northbridge, gpu
    antec 550 w

    I have had this problem for two months a no one can give me an answer. If you have sorted your sytem please post so I can sort this out.

    Many Thanks

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