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Thread: Seemingly Unsolvable OC Issue

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    Default Seemingly Unsolvable OC Issue

    Hi everyone,

    I am new here, just signed up today. I've been lurking for a few days, had some questions, looks like a good forum so I decided to sign up.

    Here's the situation I am having.

    About 3-4 weeks ago I purchased some parts for my new system, it's nothing amazing, but it gets what I need done, and gives me a good system while I save up for a 64 bit, hopefully investing in sometime next week.

    The main parts of the system, anyway.
    Athlon XP 2800+
    Asus A7N8X-X
    1024 400mhz PC3200 DDR

    I had purchased the parts I needed on a thursday afternoon, and got them together and started to assemble Friday night. By Saturday afternoon it was done and after a few minor adjustments and installs, I got it working. I was greeted at first with a "Floppy Drive Error (40)", I knew there had been some issue with my floppy drive before, so I simply unplugged it, but got the same error, however it didn't affect the system any, and I could just skip over the error.

    It wasn't until the Sunday afternoon of the same weekend that I realized something, I had downloaded Everest (Diagnostics prog.) and it told me that the processor was only running at 1250mhz (100x12.5). I knew this wasn't right so I tried adjusting bios, reformatting, pretty much everything.

    When I tried to adjust it in bios, what would happen is that I would adjust, save and exit bios, then when the computer was supposed to restart it would just sit idle, and the monitor would go into standby mode. I could easily go back into bios (after rebooting the computer) and reset the clock speed, but it still only put it up to 1250.

    I asked around, talked to a lot of people and the only really solid explanation we could come up with is something wrong with the motherboard. I thought it may have been leaky capacitors at first, but none of them seemed to be fried, however after contacting the place at which I purchased it, they said that I could just bring it in for an exchange (since it was within the time limit).

    I did so the following thursday, and got it all assembled and it was indeed set at 2800+ and working great, still is. I had some issue earlier on in the week with the crashing of games, but that was solved with a reformat (and not the point of the thread).

    The issue I am having is that whenever the clock speed is altered, the same thing happens, the monitor goes into standby and I have to reboot. I tinkered last night and managed to get it to clock down to about a 2100+, and could go back and go up to 2800+, but I could not seem to go any higher. I even tried going from default 166x12.5 to 166x13, same thing. I then tried going from 166x12.5 down to 166x9, and the same damn thing happened.

    I was going to invest in a new heatsink so I could do this, but if I can't even get it to overclock a little, there isn't much of a point to that.

    Does anyone have any idea what this may be due in part to? I checked the temperatures and they all seem to be running okay, I checked the voltage and the processor is getting 1.6v, pretty standard stuff.

    There must be something that I am doing wrong.


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    Default Re: Seemingly Unsolvable OC Issue

    your prob might be heat build up in the center of you pc the heat is being trapped your cooling fans become redundent at this point because the just cant keep the hot air from heating the cold air you might want to try an exhust fan wich goes in a cd rom slot.
    but saying this though i will not garenty it will work wat im sain is dont go and get an exhustion fan intill you are shure there is a heat build up
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