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Thread: i need help ocing!

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    Default i need a little help with my amd 3000 pleaz

    lets start out with what i have.


    motherboard:soltek k8t pro=via northbridge chipset

    cpu:amd athlon 3000=socket 939

    vid card:nvidia 6200

    mem:one stick corsair cmx512 pc4000

    cooling:asetek triple radiator water cooling w/5 fans pushin air at the moment

    now my problem is ive been going through these reviews and guides and they helped great for the most part but now im stuck.i got it up to 2.25.
    i tried to go up to 260 mhz but it just keeps going back to default 1.8gig.i really need someone to explain how i get off of my default 9x mult.any help would be much appreciated.

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    Default Re: i need help ocing!

    What HT or LDT speed are you running it at? It will need to be set to 3 to get it over 250MHz. ANd You almost certainly will need to up the Vcore to get it higher too. List the exact settings you are using to overclock with. And that single stick of ram is really hurting your performance. Get another stick and you will see improvements. As for overclocking, it should be OK with the single stick.
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    Default Re: i need help ocing!

    ok im new with all this overclocking.i dont know how to change the multi yet.thats why i asked the last my bios i went in advanced chipset and was able to lower the dram to 166 in the frequency and voltage i have a setting for cpu ratio but last time i messed with that my compuetr ran like has settings from x4 at 800 mhz all the way up to x20 at 4000 mhz.i cant find where i would just change it to is currently set as startup.cpu core is at 250 @ 2.25 gig.vcore i pushed it up to 1.7 something but its accually is running something like 1.68.and the vdimm is at 2.70.

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    Default Re: i need help ocing!

    ok i dropped the dram to 133 and put the voltage to the max on my motherboard i got it to 2.34gig.the only problem im having right now is when i play movies it now pushing 2.7 and windows keeps telling me this computer just recovered from a serious error.whats wrong.pleaz help.i know its not heat im only running at 40c i know i can go to 65 before shutdown with this processor ive done it when i had air cooling.could it be my graffix card?i have the water cooling kit on it but i never put a heat sensor on addition to the water block i got little heat sinks on the top but with the water block on i cant get any of them on the bottom.should i put a fan directly on it?????i really need to know how to change the multi i got my processor running 300 mhz times the default x9 i want to be able to go down to 250 mhz x12 multi but i dont know how.
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