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Thread: X700 256MB AGP card

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    Default X700 256MB AGP card

    I just got an X700 and wondered If anyone has any tips on overclocking it and what results to expect.

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    Default Re: X700 256MB AGP card

    I haven't played much with the X700 series so I can't say what you should expect, but the best tool I've found for the Radeon based boards is called ATITool. It is a freeware download you can find online (just google it) and works very well.
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    Default Re: X700 256MB AGP card

    You can take the mem up pretty high as long as it's cooled. The core won't go up very much. The card is based off the 410 chip which is made for budget users (even though the card is still too expensive for what you get). The entire card is pretty much a copycat of the 9800. It's not bad stock, and you will get a slight boost of performance OCing it. For some reason, and I had the ATI branded card, it gets hot as hell, but it still runs w/o errors. Not as hot as higher end gpu's, but still hot for what it is. Of course, that may have just been my card. I think I was able to get my core up around 500 and the mem to around 500 (1000). Which isn't bad, but the card is really nerfed down.

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    Most X700's arn't terribly great overclockers, limited by their voltage, so 3rd party cooling won't help.

    I had my XpertVision X700 (256mb) core @ 476mhz, mem @ 218mhz (ddr436). Stock cooling. I stuck a spare VF700cu on it and it wouldn't clock higher than 476mhz, so I stuck the stock cooler back on.

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