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Thread: Need help with cpu speed

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    Default Re: Need help with cpu speed

    What core?

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    Default Re: Need help with cpu speed

    There are so many reasons why you could be having issues overclocking that thing. You need to list some specific settings, mostly what Vcore and Vdimm you are running and at what timings you have the ram set.

    As for that old P3, you should just look on Ebay for an 800MHz CPU. They are certainly cheap enough and that motherboard should self detect it and run it. Just make sure you know what socket it is, it will be either Slot 1 or Socket370 and you also need to know what FSB (Front Side Bus) frequency it uses, it would either be 100MHz or 133MHz. THose specifications are on the CPU itself. If you look inside your PC and there is a square heatsink with a fan mounted to the motherboard, it is Socket 370. If it is a large black cartridge with a fan mounted on the side, it is Slot 1. Slot 1 CPUs have the specifications written on the top of them around where it says Pentium III. Socket 370 CPUs have the specifications written on the CPU itself and you would need to take the heatsink/fan off. If you do not know how to do this, have someone that does help you. I also suggest upgrading the whole PC, but you could just change the CPU for now. Overclocking it is next to impossible. You would need an aftermarket motherboard just to get some decent options to do that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by koflmf2003
    Can those programs really overclock my VIA pro 133A? I have limited knowledge on overclocking. What is and where can i find my clock generator? btw thanx for telling me this, i hope i could overclock
    These programs can and do work, but many are so motherboard specific that it's hard to find one that will work with your hardware. Try what was suggested and if doesn't work, Email at the link I gave you, he will ask what error you get when it doesn't work and will use that info to create one that will if at all possible.

    Just be careful when using these programs, it is easy to go too far as some use sliders, I would suggest getting to where you need(800) and no more with stock cooling.

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    hey if u want to find out more about your pc and specs go to everest(website down below) and download it.You dont have to install just open the file and it gives you everything the only problem is they dicontinued the home addition one but u can use the ultamite edition trial one the trial give you like everything except for some specs
    here is the website:
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    Default Re: Need help with cpu speed

    thx guys for telling me this, and I did emailed abo for help by he just told me that these programs are for power users, not for beginner like me. I think I would just stick with it. Thanks again for everything

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