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Thread: Overclocking ASUS P5GD1 & Pentium4 550 3,4 Ghz

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    Default Overclocking ASUS P5GD1 & Pentium4 550 3,4 Ghz

    could anyone please give me some advice on overclocking with this motherboard with or without using the AI NOS feature ?

    My config:
    Mobo - ASUS P5GD1
    CPU - Intel Pentium4 550 3,4 Ghz
    RAM - 4*512 Mb Kingston Value RAM
    Power Supply - 430 Watts
    Cooling System - Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 7
    Graphics Card - Albatron Nvidia 6600GT overclocked @ 586 for GPU & 1177 for memory.


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    Default Re: Overclocking ASUS P5GD1 & Pentium4 550 3,4 Ghz

    For starters, your power supply is on the low side for any serious overclocking. I am not up on Pentium overclocking, but you should do it manually without the AI feature as that will only boost it up about 10%. I suggest getting a good name brand 500W+ PSU before you try for a high overclock anyways.
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    Thanks for the advice on the power supply. Do you think a Seasonic 550 Watts is a good start? The HSF is a good one : nearly noiseless and not too expensive. I got it for 20. This overclocking is meant for a general boost of the whole system coz' I don't want to invest right now on new parts. I'm waiting for the M2 Socket and DDR2 for a good AMD PC. I'll just try with the actual power supply and inform you on it's resistance ! Maybe with the AI Boost as 10% is quite a good amrgin with that skinny power supply of mine.

    Thanks for having replied quicky and precisely!

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    I'm just updating that post of mine. I've managed a relatively sober overclocking with the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro and with the no-name PSU. FSB : 220.4 MHz, CPU : 3747,9 MHz, Voltage : 1. 4120 v, Bus Speed : 881.8 MHz, Fixed multiplier : *17, RAM : 220.5 MHz @ 3-4-4-8. The load temp. is around 50 C with the fan @ 1750rpm. There's just a decent swoosh sound from the NXZT Guardian case.

    I'll try boosting the power with a new PSU and running the RAM @ 2.5 Cas.

    So cheers !

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